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As well as being an accomplished author with over ten real estate textbooks published, Rita Santamaria is also a highly sought after real estate guest speaker and is a contributing author to many real estate publications, most notably writing a monthly article for the Real Estate Executive Magazine. Below is just a small list of some of her recent articles.

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Now is the Time!

Every Employee is the Key to Your Company's Reputation and Success

The Assessment of Your Business is Personal

What is Professionalism?

How to Dress for Professional Success

How to Have Financial Wellness

Netiquette and Teliquette

HOA's, Their Operations and Levels of Power

Fear of Success

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The Next Generation

Advertising - Choosing Words That Sell

The InterNet Generation


Taking Fear and Self Doubt Out of Your Road to Success

What’s Holding You Back?

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Live, Laugh, Love Your Job

Achieving Personal Success

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Strategies That Work When the Market Dips

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Sizzle With Synergy

The Texas Real Estate Market - Now and in the Future

New Dallas Campus - Now Open!

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Broker Sponsor Interview Tips

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